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O' think green design create BPA-free green product.

Since plastic was invented in 1862 it has been in use for over years. Plastic products have been deeply implanted into our living habits. Although it has brought an unprecedented level of convenience, but is also caused incalculable damage, affecting our next generation and promoting the subject of environmental coexistence.

O’Think was born on April 22, 2011. A group specializing in chemical engineering, electrical engineering, biological engineering, and advertising design team co-founded and developed biodegradable plastic that can replace traditional plastic material and be use in our daily life products. Different suitable materials and designer products can be developed according to different product attributes. Application of biodegradable plastics can reduce CO2 emission by 40%, and can break down into soil fertilizer in 4 to 8 weeks. If it was recycled and stacked properly with planning it can be transformed into organic cultivation soil, which has a positive benefit towards environmental survivability and human health.

O’Think uses green design, cultural creativity, and marketing to promote the most environmentally friendly material to each industry, creating more green products with design sense of design, and enhance the fun of daily use items. In addition, it can also make a modest contribution towards the environment and human health.