Biodegradable Bread Bag (Semi-Translucent)  

Biodegradable Bread Bag (Semi-Translucent)
List Price: $210

Breathable bag. 100% biodegradable materials. Natural, non-toxic, good for food and healthy, environmentally friendly with no worries.

Products Feature

  • Excellent permeability, to reduce a mist of water left in the bag.
  • Naturally decompose into compost, safe to use.
  • 100% biodegradable materials.
  • Naturally decompose into compost without plastic pollution.

Products Specifications

  • External appearance: 25 *22 (cm) / Semi-transparent
  • Thickness: 20 μm
  • Packaging: 200pcs/1bag
  • Manufacturing location: Taiwan


  • Please store this product in shaded and dry area to prevent it from being affected by excessive heat and moisture, causing the product to accelerate decomposition.
  • It is recommended to finish using this product within 1 year.
  • This product has received international certification, and will naturally decompose when composted.
  • The products after recycling and incineration can reduce carbon and lower environmental pollution.

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